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Joint Replacement Surgeon/

Sandip Sir Photo.jpg

Dr Sandip Suresh Patil,

M.D.(USA) | D Ortho. DNB Orthopaedics

Fellowship in Joint Replacements and ​Arthroscopy,

Senior Consultant Knee & Hip Replacement Surgeon


Dr Sandip Sonawane is the founder of Patil Spine and Orthopaedic Clinics , a top rated Board Certified Orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai City. He is an internationally recognized expert in Joint replacement, Arthroscopic surgery & Spine Surgery with 13 years of experience & training in orthopedics. He has trained at Stanford University (USA), University of Louisville( USA), UIC MGH Chicago( USA) & NUH (Singapore) for joint replacement, Arthroscopy & Sports surgery Dr. Sonawane is routinely consulted for his expert opinion regarding complex surgical cases of the Joint replacement, Arthroscopy & Sports Surgeries. Since graduation Dr Sonawane, has performed more than 7,000 surgeries on patients from all over the world.'

He has Special Interest in Minimally invasive Knee and Hip replacement surgery, and Sports Medicine, he is known for sport injury management among cricketers and Athletes for arthroscopic Surgeries and Exclusive Rehabilitaion of athletes.


His expert opinion and an his clientele  are ranging from across the NRIs from UK , USA, Singapore and Gulf coutries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Dubai etc. Some of his consultations are being sought from African continent. 



  1. Bombay Orthopaedic Society

  2. Indian Medical Association

  3. Indian Orthopedic Association

  4. Maharashtra Orthopedic Association

  5. Malad Medical Association

  6. Association Of Spine Surgeons of India

  7. World Endoscopic Spine Society

  8. Indian Hip and Knee Society

  9. Knee Society

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