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Dr Rudra Parshuram Patil 

MBBS, D Orth, FCISS (Sion Hospital), Fellowship In Biodesign(IIT Bombay )

Dr. Rudra Patil, D. Orth, is a highly skilled orthopedic surgeon with specialized expertise in spine surgery. Graduating with a post graduation in Orthopedics (D. Orth), Dr. Patil pursued advanced training in spine surgery, completing a prestigious Fellowship in Spine Surgery from Lokmanya Tilak Memorial Medical College  Sion Hospital. During this intensive program, he gained comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in diagnosing and treating various spinal conditions, including degenerative disorders, traumatic injuries, and deformities.

In addition to his spine surgery fellowship, Dr. Patil has also completed a Fellowship in Biodesign from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. This unique program provided him with a deep understanding of biomedical innovation and technology development. Through this fellowship, Dr. Patil honed his skills in researching, designing, and implementing cutting-edge medical devices and solutions aimed at improving patient care and outcomes.

Dr. Rudra Patil is known for his commitment to providing personalized care to his patients, utilizing the latest advancements in spinal surgery techniques and technology. His dual expertise in spine surgery and biodesign equips him with a holistic approach to addressing complex spinal conditions, ensuring that patients receive tailored treatment plans that prioritize both efficacy and innovation. Dr. Patil's dedication to advancing the field of orthopedic surgery through research and innovation underscores his passion for improving the lives of his patients and contributing to the advancement of medical science.


Vidarbh Orthopaedic Society 

Maharshtra Orthopaedic Association

Bombay Orthopaedic Society

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